Information: Danette May's Eat, Drink And Shrink

“Danette May's
'Eat, Drink And Shrink'
Shows You How To Lose Fat By Using Only 5 Simple Ingredients,
That MELTS Stubborn Belly Fat...”

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The Program:

Eat, Drink and Shrink is a new approach to fat loss brought to you by Danette May. As a personal trainer and mom, Danette decided to put together a system of eating that and meal plans that include the 5 key ingredients for rapid weight loss. Danette takes you step by step, using only common, safe ingredients with no special preparation, and shows you how to create food that actually FORCES you to lose weight!

Eat, Drink and Shrink is an well thought out product, and one that works for both men and women.

A Knowledgeable Expert You Can TrustEat Drink And Shrink

Danette spent many years studying health and fitness, well beyond the level of the average “guru”. While many health experts brag about their certified personal training degree, remember, it can be obtained in a couple months or less… Unlike many of the weight loss Schemes on the market, promoted by instant “self-proclaimed” gurus, Dantette has medical degrees to support every single FACT behind her program.

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The Book

Eat, Drink And Shrink gives over 100 easy to make recipes you can make with 5 simple ingredients, with no special equipment or expensive trips to the health food store.

You'll learn about easy to make, mouth-watering entrees as well as energy-charged snacks and surprisingly healthy deserts. After reading over Danette's book you will understand her motto:

"Your Fitness Goals Are Achived In the Kitchen"

Packed with recipes, her book is the most effective, easiest way to get that sexy body you have always wanted without expensive trips to the gym or grueling workouts.

Click here to download Eat Drink And Shrink now *

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